E- Waste

Have E-Waste you need picked up, or need to get rid of?

Are you planning on getting rid of or replacing your old work PCs, laptops, and other electronic devices soon?

If that's the case, reliable e-waste collection in Melbourne — or anyplace else — is a must. We assure efficient and ethical e-waste collection of computers, hard drives, and other IT assets in Melbourne and the surrounding regions at National Computers The secure disposal of electronic devices that are no longer in use protects sensitive data, the majority of which may be accessed — legally or illegally

On Site E-Waste Collection

We come to you and help sort out all your E-waste issues

E-Waste Recycling

In conjunction with our E-wastePartner all your E-waste is sorted forRefurbishment or Recycling to GCC Standards

Data Removal

We offer a total data destruction serviceContact us for more information about this service

Server & Networking Recycling

We can process all server components and perform data destruction on all types of server storage media.